Weekend at a French countryside

Last weekend was perfect! Let me share some pictures with you. I spent an amazing long weekend in a French countryside. The place was just magical.

There isn’t anything better than getting into nature after weeks spent in busy Paris. One of the things I really miss here are green and oxygen. The air is super awful here. When you get into nature, you feel like you can breathe again. I went to visit my boyfriend’s family with him. They have this super cute country house in a village near Angers. In the pictures, you can see few snaps from Angers which is by the way super nice as well. After there are photos from the countryside.

We were just enjoying peace, silence and wine near the fire place in the evenings. Days were spent with the family. Even though I’m usually into more active holidays, this was a relax I needed. The only bad thing was that I was sick but did my best to enjoy the long weekend anyway.

According to styling, as you can see I made zero efforts. I just wanted to feel comfy. I also went make-up free this weekend. I encourage you to do the same, I always feel free.. 😀

What about you? Do you prefer active or more relaxing holidays? 😉

Minuly vikend byl perfektni. Stravila jsem ho na Francouzskem venkove a bylo to uplne kouzelne.

To nejlepsi, co muzete udelat po narocnych tydnech stravenych v rusne Parizi, je vypadnout do prirody. Jedna z veci, co mi tu vazne chybi, je zelen a kyslik. Vzduch je tu jednoduse priserny. Vzdy, kdyz se konecne dostanu do prirody, mam pocit, ze muzu konecne zase dychat.

S pritelem jsme se vydali navstivit jeho rodinu na Velikonoce. Maji uzasne roztomily domek na venkove kousek od mesta Angers. Na fotkach muzete videt prave Angers a pak venkov.

O vikendu jsme si uzivali predevsim klid, ticho a vecer vino u krbu. Pres den jsme byli s rodinou. I kdyz vetsinou davam prednost aktivnejsim dovolenym, tohle byl relax, ktery jsem uz potrebovala. Jedinou slabinou vyletu bylo to, ze sem byla nemocna, ale snazila jsem si to co nejvic uzit i tak. 

Co se tyce looku, tak jak muzete videt, vubec jsem to neresila. Chtela jsem se citit hlavne pohodlne. Stejne to dopadlo i s make-upem, obcas si ho o vikendu nedavam vubec. Muzu to jedine doporucit, ja se citim vzdycky free.. 😀

A co vy? Mate radsi aktivni nebo relaxacni dovolene? 😉

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  1. Eli says:

    Love this look! Simple yet effective!


  2. Gorgeous! You look lovely dear!

  3. Stephanie says:

    how beautiful!!! looks like a great trip!!!

  4. Wau tá socha tváre je krásna! A všetky tie domčeky a celková atmosféra Francúzska je skvelá♥ Určite to bol super víkend 🙂

  5. Sophie says:

    Such a nice and relaxing way to spend your weekend <3

    xoxo, Best Wallets for Women 2016

  6. Thank you! xxx
    Diky! xxx

  7. Wonderful post Thanks for sharing.

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