Doctors told how to sleep during heat waves

13.09.2018 12:26

"МедикиThese tips will come in handy when the street will be over 30 degrees.

In hot weather, when even the night temperature does not fall below 20 degrees, very difficult to sleep and relax.

If you can’t sleep or frequently Wake up at night, try these tips.

Eat heavy meals before bedtime

What we eat in the evening affects sleep quality. Therefore, in particularly hot days it is better not to overeat and choose light foods that the body did not have hard to digest and produce additional energy.

Doctors insist that during the heat is to give up sweets, meat and coffee. The basis of the diet should be vegetables and fruits, both raw and thermally treated. You need to eliminate all protein products. In the case where the heat is below 30 – then it is permissible to eat white meat and fish.

Cool linen

Bed sheet or duvet cover lightly dampen, depress and briefly put in the freezer. Fabric must be cool and a little damp, but not enough to wet the mattress. So you cool your bed.

You can also “freeze” the PJS or a towel.

Drink cold drinks an hour before bedtime

Chilled drinks with ice will help to lower the Central temperature of the body. Do not drink alcohol and drinks with caffeine – they break the dream. To eat cold drinks should be no later than an hour before bedtime.

Sleep without clothes

The body will be easier if you are sleeping in long pajama pants. If you can’t sleep without anything, choose things one hundred percent cotton. This fabric allows the skin to breathe and removes moisture from it.

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