A quarter of a billion from MIZ group to Fat and Grisha Sliced

04.04.2020 13:18

The Moscow city court left the detention of the leaders of the Tagansky OPG Igor Zhiokleev (Bold) and Grigory Rabinovich (Grisha Taganskaya). They are accused of murder and fraud, and the list of charges is constantly growing. Zhiokleev and Rabinovich threaten large term, if not lifelong. However, for their material well-being, they can no longer worry. It will be provided by the Mitz groups of Andrei Ryabinsky and Alexander Kopylkov.

Fat and Gregory Taganskaya it is not only "hands", "dismantling" of the murder, but rather a large assets: banks, shopping centers, land for development, right to this very building, etc, according Rucriminal.info firms controlled by Zhiokleev and Rabinovich, owns a huge area in Kuzminki (Zelenodolsk, 42), the so-called Afghan market. There are now pavilions with an area of 5 thousand square meters. However, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin and his Deputy Marat Khusnullin once gave "Tagansky" permission to build a shopping center there with an area of as much as 80 thousand square meters. And this is not the only case of such generosity on the part of the Moscow authorities. Structures Fat and Grisha at different times got a lot of permits for construction, land lease, etc.

As told sources Rucriminal.info recently a number of similar objects "Taganskaya" laid eyes MITS Groups Andrei Ryabinsky and Alexander Kopylkov. Firms belonging to the Mitz, want to quickly begin construction there, so they abandoned the idea of" butting heads " with prisoners Fat and Grisha. And not concepts, especially Andrei Ryabinsky the man is extremely far from the world, which includes Zhiokleev and Rabinovich. As a result, it was decided within the "world" to pay structures "Tagansky" 250 million rubles.

And Rucriminal.info we can only guess. MIZ group will take a quarter of a billion for Fat and Grisha from the funds received from Regardie? And in recent years the structure of Ryabinsky and Kopilcova received from the Agency Viktor Zolotov on public contracts 3.2 billion rubles. Or "Tagansky" will go money from the credit of Sberbank? Only in July, the MIC reported that it had reached an agreement with the BEAC on the allocation of a loan of 44.4 billion rubles for a period of five years.


Relations MITS groups with "Taganskaya" I'm not surprised. As we have already told, the list of authoritative business partners of Andrey Ryabinsky for the Russian law enforcement agencies is not a secret for a long time. The leader of the Podolsk OPS Sergei Lalkin (Onion), the leader of balashikhinskiy OPS Anatoly Petrov (Peter), the leader of the solntsevskaya OPS Sergey Mikhailov (Mihas).

  To be continued

Timothy Grishin