• Vintage Blazer

    →  Do you remember this vintage blazer from that outfit post? I got it at Garage in Berlin for 8 euros. You wouldn’t say? Me neither! Last time you could have seen it in a more cheeky combo with my favorite jeans but now the time for a more elegant look has come. I would wear […]

  • Paris: Life around Louvre

    → Finally some pictures with the beauty of Paris. Everyone says that Paris is the prettiest in spring. All the jardins are blooming and especially Jardin des Tuileries which is located next to Louvre. What can I say, it’s a fairy tale! These photos will take you for a walk around the surroundings of Louvre. You can […]

  • Creme de la creme

    → We have summer in Paris! Finally after one month of rain and cold weather, I feel warm! It’s crazy how everything looks better with a sunshine. Yesterday we did an usual pique-nique with my friends near Louvre and now I’m covering myself with coconut oil to reduce the pain of my sunburned skin. 😀 But it […]

  • Mood: Needs

    →  Everyone has his own way of relaxing. Someone likes to clean his head with sports, someone else likes to bake and someone is just browsing Asos for hours and looking for new pieces. Not long ago I was going through my wishlist there and I was like “What, why do I have so much […]

  • The Parisian Style

    →  Many of you keep asking me about the real Parisian fashion. Are Parisian women really that stylish? How do they dress? At first I felt like there have been many articles about this topic, so I wouldn’t probably bring anything new to the table. But I love this topic myself so I decided to […]

  • Blue Jeans and Layers

    → My third week in Paris has begun. I can’t believe it’s going so fast! I have settled down a bit and I’m spending my days basically at home now. I’m looking online for job opportunities and doing Skype interviews. Job search is never an exciting process, at least not for me, because I find it […]

  • How to wear and break a suit

    → If you visit CITC regularly, you must have already noticed that I’ve been all about suits lately. I saw that many of you liked how I style suits as well as how I break them apart and wear just a piece of each one. Suits are the basics of the closet and if you get a classic one, […]

  • Hello Paris ♥

    →   Honestly it’s like I never left. People would ask me how do you feel like moving back there again? I didn’t feel any special emotion.. of course I was sad to leave my family, friends.. and clothes 😀 in Prague but since I’m back I feel home as well. Moving is always crazy. I […]

  • She Who Must Not Be Named

    →  The weather got finally better and there is space for different looks than just various combos with turtlenecks. So in my world it’s time for different kind of shirts. 😀 I have always loved black color and dressing into black garbs. Yes, maybe it’s connected to the fact that I grew up with the Harry […]

  • Turtleneck + Dress ?

    → I’m pretty curious about what you’re going to say about this look. It’s clear to me that this the combination when you simply love or hate it – nothing in between. Honestly I like this combo. It’s a great way how to use your summer dress during cold days and be a bit melancholic about […]