• White Shirt Dress

    In the previous post you might have noticed that I decided to cut my hair. The last time I made such big change was about 3 years ago. I remembered how lightheaded I felt after and wanted to experience it again. I’m quite happy about my decision and it feels fresh. When I went to the […]

  • Leather Pants

    Who buys leather pants for Spring? Me! 😀 It might not be the smartest move but there have still been some cold days when I could use them. I couldn’t hesitate because I finally found a pair which I’ve been looking for some time. This is the kind of look I feel the best in. […]

  • Pyjama Denim

    I’ve always had a thing for mixing pyjama items into daily wear. Especially since I saw Sex and the City and this Carrie’s look, I couldn’t get it out of my head! It’s been years but I still love it. It’s such a cool look. 😀 That’s why I felt like a won a jackpot when […]

  • Shapeless

    I’ve been loving oversized pieces for years. I also admire kind of shapeless cuts. It’s quite hard to rock those out, so I’m always blown away when I see people wearing it with a good style. I know this dress is either to love or to hate. It’s completely shapeless. I decided to take on this […]

  • Tokyo Sweatshirt

    Another very colourful outfit is here. 😀 I can’t help it but black is just the best! This is one of my favorite daily looks. I’ve always been a fan of sweatshirts with a white shirt underneath. I never have enough of these and believe the shirt collar makes it look much better. Lately I’ve […]

  • Freezing Paris

    As the title of this post says, it’s been totally freezing in Paris lately. The temperatures are not as low as Czech Republic but there is always a super strong wind here. You can see that it was not possible to get my hair into 1 place. 😀 I also wanted to show you the […]

  • Summer is black

    → Last post was all about “colors”. I promised that I would wear more colors this summer. And I tried to. I really did. But when I saw this dress I knew that my summer would be black anyway. In Paris we have another 5 days of hot weather now. I always pray for hot days, but […]

  • Uniform

    →  Finally I found a perfect bomber jacket. I’ve been looking for one for ages but didn’t like anything or it didn’t simply fit me. I got lucky at Zara (where else, right?). I was tempted to take it in white, it looked nice but it wouldn’t probably last a day. I could call this […]

  • How to wear and break a suit

    → If you visit CITC regularly, you must have already noticed that I’ve been all about suits lately. I saw that many of you liked how I style suits as well as how I break them apart and wear just a piece of each one. Suits are the basics of the closet and if you get a classic one, […]

  • Hello Paris ♥

    →   Honestly it’s like I never left. People would ask me how do you feel like moving back there again? I didn’t feel any special emotion.. of course I was sad to leave my family, friends.. and clothes 😀 in Prague but since I’m back I feel home as well. Moving is always crazy. I […]