• Uniform

    →  Finally I found a perfect bomber jacket. I’ve been looking for one for ages but didn’t like anything or it didn’t simply fit me. I got lucky at Zara (where else, right?). I was tempted to take it in white, it looked nice but it wouldn’t probably last a day. I could call this […]

  • Mood: Needs

    →  Everyone has his own way of relaxing. Someone likes to clean his head with sports, someone else likes to bake and someone is just browsing Asos for hours and looking for new pieces. Not long ago I was going through my wishlist there and I was like “What, why do I have so much […]

  • Turtleneck + Dress ?

    → I’m pretty curious about what you’re going to say about this look. It’s clear to me that this the combination when you simply love or hate it – nothing in between. Honestly I like this combo. It’s a great way how to use your summer dress during cold days and be a bit melancholic about […]

  • Blue Velvet Pants

    → These blue velvet pants are my favorites right now. They are perfect for a weekend chill but honestly I wear them to work as well. 😀 I started to love such wide pants, it’s a nice change from constantly wearing skinny pants. I was checking this Claudia Schiffer bag in Berlin but I didn’t buy […]

  • Berlin Outfit

    →  In the last post I was writing about my trip to Berlin. Today it’s about the “running around the city” look. Of course I wanted to feel as comfy as possible in my free time. The only thing that didn’t quite work out was the weather. I’ve never experienced a day when it would […]

  • The Vest!

    →  Tento outfit mám nafocený už od vánoc, kdy bylo venku 15 stupňů. Současné počasí vyžaduje určitě něco teplejšího, ale stačí na vestu nahodit oversized kabát a můžu vyrazit ven. Tuhle vestu bych momentálně nejradši nosila pořád, úplně jsem se do ní zamilovala. Obdivovala jsem ji už v Paříži, ale byla poměrně drahá a nechtělo se […]