• Pyjama Denim

    I’ve always had a thing for mixing pyjama items into daily wear. Especially since I saw Sex and the City 2 and this Carrie’s look, I couldn’t get it out of my head! It’s been years but I still love it. It’s such a cool look. 😀 That’s why I felt like a won a jackpot […]

  • Tokyo Sweatshirt

    Another very colourful outfit is here. 😀 I can’t help it but black is just the best! This is one of my favorite daily looks. I’ve always been a fan of sweatshirts with a white shirt underneath. I never have enough of these and believe the shirt collar makes it look much better. Lately I’ve […]

  • Freezing Paris

    As the title of this post says, it’s been totally freezing in Paris lately. The temperatures are not as low as Czech Republic but there is always a super strong wind here. You can see that it was not possible to get my hair into 1 place. 😀 I also wanted to show you the […]

  • Hello 2017!

    Yes, it’s been a while! But I’m still alive. 🙂 As usual I should probably make an overlooking article about last year and talk about my plans for this year. In the meantime, let me share some of my most favorite looks from 2016. 2016 was a year of change for me. In the begging […]

  • The Jumpsuit

    → For such a long time I wanted to do an outfit post with this jumpsuit! I love jumpsuits, but usually none of them fit me, so I’m even more happy when I find a good one. This one is great because I can combine it with literally anything. I wear it with sneakers, Stan Smiths, loafers […]

  • Summer is black

    → Last post was all about “colors”. I promised that I would wear more colors this summer. And I tried to. I really did. But when I saw this dress I knew that my summer would be black anyway. In Paris we have another 5 days of hot weather now. I always pray for hot days, but […]

  • Is it Summer?

    → Finally, finally, finally! I managed to prepare a new outfit post. Feels like ages! As I said in the previous article, I’ve been quite busy lately starting a new job. But I promise to do my best to keep this blog going, I don’t wanna quit! You will just have to be a bit patient […]

  • Uniform

    →  Finally I found a perfect bomber jacket. I’ve been looking for one for ages but didn’t like anything or it didn’t simply fit me. I got lucky at Zara (where else, right?). I was tempted to take it in white, it looked nice but it wouldn’t probably last a day. I could call this […]

  • Vintage Blazer

    →  Do you remember this vintage blazer from that outfit post? I got it at Garage in Berlin for 8 euros. You wouldn’t say? Me neither! Last time you could have seen it in a more cheeky combo with my favorite jeans but now the time for a more elegant look has come. I would wear […]

  • Creme de la creme

    → We have summer in Paris! Finally after one month of rain and cold weather, I feel warm! It’s crazy how everything looks better with a sunshine. Yesterday we did an usual pique-nique with my friends near Louvre and now I’m covering myself with coconut oil to reduce the pain of my sunburned skin. 😀 But it […]