• White Shirt Dress

    In the previous post you might have noticed that I decided to cut my hair. The last time I made such big change was about 3 years ago. I remembered how lightheaded I felt after and wanted to experience it again. I’m quite happy about my decision and it feels fresh. When I went to the […]

  • Freezing Paris

    As the title of this post says, it’s been totally freezing in Paris lately. The temperatures are not as low as Czech Republic but there is always a super strong wind here. You can see that it was not possible to get my hair into 1 place. 😀 I also wanted to show you the […]

  • Summer is black

    → Last post was all about “colors”. I promised that I would wear more colors this summer. And I tried to. I really did. But when I saw this dress I knew that my summer would be black anyway. In Paris we have another 5 days of hot weather now. I always pray for hot days, but […]

  • Paris: Life around Louvre

    → Finally some pictures with the beauty of Paris. Everyone says that Paris is the prettiest in spring. All the jardins are blooming and especially Jardin des Tuileries which is located next to Louvre. What can I say, it’s a fairy tale! These photos will take you for a walk around the surroundings of Louvre. You can […]

  • The Parisian Style

    →  Many of you keep asking me about the real Parisian fashion. Are Parisian women really that stylish? How do they dress? At first I felt like there have been many articles about this topic, so I wouldn’t probably bring anything new to the table. But I love this topic myself so I decided to […]

  • Hello Paris ♥

    →   Honestly it’s like I never left. People would ask me how do you feel like moving back there again? I didn’t feel any special emotion.. of course I was sad to leave my family, friends.. and clothes 😀 in Prague but since I’m back I feel home as well. Moving is always crazy. I […]

  • Valentino FW 16-17

    → As all the fashion fans have probably already noticed, there is a fashion week going on in Paris right now. Thanks to the FB page Now Fashion all of us can attend this occasion online. They have live streaming from the fashion shows and I can rarely hesitate to visit. You also get notification when the […]