• Trouble Sweatshirt

    For this shoot we had literally 10 minutes. You can see how it turned out.. 😀 I think it’s the most chilled look in this blog’s history. Lately I’ve been admiring street style fashion and girls looking hot in hoodies. Well, I’m not quite sure that it works for me but it’s extremely comfortable. As you […]

  • Leather Pants

    Who buys leather pants for Spring? Me! 😀 It might not be the smartest move but there have still been some cold days when I could use them. I couldn’t hesitate because I finally found a pair which I’ve been looking for some time. This is the kind of look I feel the best in. […]

  • My Spring Wishlist

    →  The spring is around the corner and it’s time to make a spring wishlist. I say to myself all the time that I already have everything and I don’t really need anything.. and such idea stays in my head for about 5 minutes before I see something amazing on Instagram or anywhere else. If […]