• Bordeaux city

    Bordeaux was the last stop on our trip. I absolutely loved the city. I expected it to be nice, but it’s not only nice, it has a great atmosphere! After a long time I found myself in a city where I could imagine to live. Not long ago I watched a reportage on French TV […]

  • Beachy Jumpsuit

    I feel like every time I say – now I will blog more, it automatically sets me up for a blogging break. Sad, I know. 🙁 But I still have loads of photos for you & will post them eventually…maybe in 10 years, but still! Why does the time pass so fast? During those weeks […]

  • I ♥ NY

    → I always wanted to visit New York. I had it planned several times already, but then something else came up every time. I was happy when I found out that I’m gonna do a business trip there. I work for an American company, so it was a good mix between getting to know it better […]

  • London 2 & News

    → Okay, I had these photo uploaded in my posts for ages but I wasn’t capable of publishing them. My life became suddenly super busy and when I had a bit of free time, I needed to turn off my head and do nothing. Last time I was posting an article, I was in the middle […]

  • London ♥

    → I went to London two weeks ago for a weekend trip. It was a nice catch up with my family. Did you know that it’s super easy to get there from Paris? You just need to get on a train from Gare du Nord and the way takes just about 2 hours. The train is […]

  • Paris: Life around Louvre

    → Finally some pictures with the beauty of Paris. Everyone says that Paris is the prettiest in spring. All the jardins are blooming and especially Jardin des Tuileries which is located next to Louvre. What can I say, it’s a fairy tale! These photos will take you for a walk around the surroundings of Louvre. You can […]

  • Berlin

    Voilá, photos from Berlin! It was an amazing weekend. I came to Berlin early in the morning, because I wanted to have whole day to walk around the city. You can see my dear friend Tana in the pictures, she came to Berlin from Prague. The main reason of our travel was to visit the […]